Innovation disruptive in field In Flight Entertainment (IFE)

Innovation disruptive in field In Flight Entertainment (IFE)

I often observed the news concerning the IFE in the field of aeronautics, this market is nowfull boil, greatly disturbed by the emergence of social networks, tablets and smartphones.


Another major problem facing the IFE is connectivity (WiFi, satellite, ect …), and also understand what would become a true user experience.

Note that most manufacturers  IFE remain on the same line, IFE behind the seats, in ceilings or screen for multiple passengers.

So a little reminder: the competitors of the manufacturers of these sets are not those who make the same products, but those who respond to the needs of users or customers.

Let’s look at this market with a near approach of the « disruptive innovation » concept created by Clayton Christensen. innovator who will probably succeed in combining the needs of users who will at best be listening to its customers.



Innovation's disruptive (IFE)
Innovation's disruptive (IFE)

Then a small digression on the latest innovations that could influence the future of IFE.

First of all a great video of Airbus Cabin Innovation, the future according to Airbus , attention to  how this client arrives at the window to connect to a  IFE solution .

Then another innovation that they come from Samsung, I also specify that Samsung has announced in recent months production for the end of 2012 flexible screens and  collapsible.

A final innovation Leap motion last week has announced the release of a new competitorproducts kinnect and Wii but especially the mouse and probably of touch screens. it is therefore..

Incidentally Thales can be of concern has to do with their new concept the link here (APEX2011 the presentation).
Yes we can truly imagine IFE, led by the hand, allowing a true experience for end customers (games, information of consultation, the moving map …)